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Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Organic Traffic

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If you’re a Small Business owner with a website that isn’t being seen or found online, this course is for you.

Learn about the key reasons WHY your website isn’t getting (FREE!) organic traffic and HOW you can change this.

In this course, we take a dive into the road blocks your website currently has and how to improve them.

About this course:

It has been designed for small business owners looking to build their knowledge to tackle one of the most ever-changing marketing channels for any business – SEO.


When you enrol in this online course, you get access to the following inclusions:

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BONUS 1 - Google Analytics Set Up - Tutorial

BONUS 2 - Google Search Console Set up - tutorial


Key concepts covered include:

  • The 3 Key elements of a successful online presence
  • What major road blocks look like and how to identify them
  • How to move the needle using best practice techniques and tactics
  • Why maintaining your website is important – just like putting fuel in your car!
  • Action items you can implement the minute you finish this masterclass – yes, you can start straight away.


You must be committed to implementing the knowledge and skills you learn to create an online marketing strategy for your business.