Web development & SEO – The Powerful Online Duo

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Are you an avid website developer? Love using your eye-for-detail and expert design skill to create envious websites? Let’s Get Visible takes an important look at the role SEO plays in website creation, plus; why upskilling can take your business to the next level.

Wanting that edge to not only retain your customers but also create high-ranking websites for your clients? It’s not uncommon to hear that many website creators develop beautiful-looking websites and only hand the project over once it is concluded. This can leave many business owners left with a stunning-looking URL, that simply does not rank in Google and some instances not even verified – cue the face of shock!

This outcome will not only have search engines completely ignoring your marvellous creation, but neither will the business owner and more importantly – potential customers.

Many business owners simply do not understand why their website is not being ‘seen’. Yes, you have created a beautiful website, matching URL with all the needed information that is visually stunning. But now you’re left with a website that has no SERP (Search Engine Results Page), or strong keywords that allow search engines to find your website. This can cause major headaches for business owners who are left scrambling after investing in website design.

Upskill your SEO knowledge

So, what is the key to building a beautiful website while keeping your clients, and ensuring customer satisfaction? UPSKILL! The great news is that it is not difficult to expand your skills from a design expert into an entire website creator and SEO genius. With a little research and learning you can easily expand your business to ensure you not only create incredible-looking websites but also allow your clients the option of an ongoing service and guarantee their website is working correctly.

This will allow you to not only retain your customers, and update the website when needed, but it will also give you maximum control over the way the website is performing and tweak it when needed. Google is constantly changing its algorithms’ so constantly updating SEO is vital. It’s a skill that will allow the website to bend and weave with the trends and more important where the website is ranking. 

Understandably businesses who invest in a website creator do not normally understand how or why websites rank. Terms such as SERP, SEO, SEA, and the like, are completely foreign to a business owner who is looking for a website. Many do not understand the complexity of how Google and other search engines work or how to ensure their website is seen and actively being competitive for search engine real estate. 

Having a great-looking website is simply not enough. You can have the best product, services, or website in the world, but unless people see you, it simply does not exist.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of ensuring that the content on your website matches the trending keywords that people are searching for to find the product or service your client offers. Google and other search engines are just that – search engines. They want to give their users the best possible experience possible by matching businesses and information exactly to their search engine requirements. 

In other words, when someone types in ‘Natural Beauty Products Australia’ Google will show a list of sites that have these keywords and phrases contained in their website. The more this exact phrase is used on their website or within their content (think blogs) the more likely they are to show in the search engine results. 

This is known as ‘organic traffic’ and the more organic traffic you have, the better your ranking in the search engine. More importantly – the more people will see and find your website. 

SEO is made up of a few important components:

  • Finding relevant keywords and phrases that have proven traffic records.
  • Creating world-class content that is relevant for the product/service and also contains those all-important keywords. These may also contain backlinks to high-ranking sites.
  • Analysing these results and adjusting accordingly.

But why can’t I just pay for an ad to get the website seen?

Most certainly you can! Better known as SEA or Search Engine Advertising, this is a quick and easy way to get your website seen immediately. The only problem is as soon as you switch off the advertising – the ranking will disappear. It’s also important to know that PPC or Pay Per Click will also always increase in price. This can be a costly exercise for many businesses, particularly if the clicks are not resulting in sales or conversions.

SEO takes longer to rank, but it is permanent and now seen as a vital tool in all websites. Organic traffic does not disappear, is easy to perform, and does not require endless amounts and budget changes to work.

All websites will require a good amount of SEO to be competitive in the marketplace. Offering a website that comes with SEO, and ongoing attention will ensure your clients are supported throughout their website journey. Giving your clients the ‘one-stop shop’ appeal is huge, particularly for many business owners who are simply too busy to grasp the concept of how a website work. 

Plus, you can give reports and updates on what is working with an in-depth analysis of all your hard work. Showing your clients full reports and giving them a better understanding of how websites work, and the impact of your stunning design, SEO expertise, and knowledge is helping their business grow. 

SEO can be the next steppingstone for your creative genius. The best part is that it is inexpressive to learn and with a little time and dedication you can quickly and easily upskill.