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Build better websites that get traffic, instantly increase revenue with each job you win, and save time and money by keeping the clients you already have!

The Revenue + Retention Method is an online digital program, with live group coaching calls & a community of like-minded business owners.


“There’s nothing else to say then, if you don’t choose Dorz you’re crazy. I am an agency owner building sites for years but it wasn’t until myself and 2 of my team did Dorz’s course that I really understood the power of SEO and how much time we had wasted not knowing the information. She’s a fabulous, caring, genuine teacher that takes the confusion out of SEO providing easy practical steps to follow that can implemented over time.”

Sam Ferriere - Agency Owner


“As a website designer & developer, I’ve only every focused on basic on-page SEO & coding standards but there’s so so much more & this is where Dorz comes in. She’s the SEO queen! If you’re looking at adding SEO services to your offerings or needing to boost your own SEO, you’ve come to the right place. I highly recommend Dorz, you won’t be disappointed!”

Chelsea - Web Designer & Developer

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“As a web developer coming from a long graphic design background, my focus is always on delivering a visually engaging UI/X and CX for my clients. I completed the course for web designers as a means to understand SEO as more than a URL with keywords and alt text on images… I have now been able to extend my client offerings, increase project value and implement a client retention service plan. I’m happy because I’m chasing fewer clients/builds and enjoying income stability. Well worth the investment of your time!”

Claire - Freelancer, DM Design

Doreen Brown

Meet Your Mentor

Dorz Brown

Doreen ‘Dorz’ Brown, Founder of the Let’s Get Visible Academy, is an organic growth specialist with a passion for empowering and equipping business owners, consultants and web designers with the tools and knowledge they need to build and grow a sustainable business.  

Dorz spent 15+ years of her career working with high profile businesses as a training and compliance manager before joining a digital marketing agency in Sydney in 2012, where she was taught all about organic search by industry specialists. When the agency suddenly closed down without warning just five years ago, Dorz was left unemployed with zero income, but an internal desire to use all she had learned to turn it around. 

Combining her background in training and digital marketing, Dorz’s Academy is a perfect fusion of her expertise, experience and heart for seeing other business owners move beyond a mindset of simply surviving and into a sustainable and thriving business.

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